Scaffolding Span 3 on Southwark Bridge

Scaffolding on Southwark Bridge
Specialist painting contractors have started to erect scaffolding on the final Span of Southwark Bridge. Span 3 as seen from Bankside Scaffolding being erected on Southwark Bridge Scaffolding pole being cut to length   Scaffolding being erected around one of the lanterns Traffic Management on Southwark Bridge

What’s going on under Southwark Bridge

The finish Coat 'Southwark White' being applied to the underside of Span 2
Industrial painting contractors apply the Finish Coat ‘Southwark White’ to the underside of Span 2. Southwark White being applied to the underside of Span 2 Industrial painting contractor apply the ‘Southwark White’ The Finish Coat ‘Southwark White’ being applied to the underside of Span 2 The polythene wraps on Span 2

The River Thames

Southwark Bridge
For thousands of years the River Thames has played an important role in the development of England and to this day continues to delight and inspire millions of people. The politician John Elliot Burns (1858-1943) once described the Thames as “Liquid History,” a fitting tribute to a river whose tale stretches back so far. Old Southwark Bridge One of the earliest written accounts regarding the Thames...

Removing the polythene wraps

This video clip from the 2nd June 2009 shows contractors removing the polythene wraps from the scaffolding which surrounds Span 5 of Southwark Bridge. Safety Boat support to this project is being provided by Livett’s Launches – River Thames Safety Boat.