Scaffolding Span 3 on Southwark Bridge

Scaffolding on Southwark Bridge
Specialist painting contractors have started to erect scaffolding on the final Span of Southwark Bridge. Span 3 as seen from Bankside Scaffolding being erected on Southwark Bridge Scaffolding pole being cut to length   Scaffolding being erected around one of the lanterns Traffic Management on Southwark Bridge

Grit blasting Southwark Bridge

Industrial painting contractors have now started grit blasting Span 4. Polythene wraps have been applied to the scaffolding, which prevents particles of paint or dust escaping into the natural environment. Video by Harris Digital Productions

All white under Southwark Bridge

This video clip from the 8th April 2010 shows industrial painting contractors applying the Finish Coat ‘Southwark White’ to the underside of Span 2. 13,000 litres of paint will be used to restore Southwark Bridge to its original colours of green and yellow.

Polythene wraps on Southwark Bridge

Span 2 (west side) enclosed with polythene wraps
Polythene wraps have now been applied to the east and west sides of Span 2. The generators and compressors have been delivered at Southwark Bridge and work on grit blasting the underside will begin shortly. Southwark Bridge as seen from the Millennium Bridge Span 2 (west side) enclosed with polythene wraps The compressors and generators arrive at Southwark Bridge The compressors and generators on Southwark...