Scaffolding on Southwark Bridge

Scaffolder on Southwark Bridge
Work has now started on erecting scaffolding around Span 2 on Southwark Bridge. The work being carried out is within the existing Traffic Management arrangements. Scaffolding being erected on Span 2 Southwark Bridge from Three Cranes Walk Scaffolding on Span 2 The newly painted (Span 5) Bridge Parapet Southwark Bridge looking south Corrosion on the Bridge Parapet (Span 2) Erecting scaffolding on Southwark...

16th June 2009

The newly painted arch (span 5)
The polythene wraps and scaffolding have now been removed from Span 5 of Southwark Bridge, revealing its bright colours of green and yellow. Span 5 as seen from the Thames Path The newly painted Bridge Parapet, with the Financial Times building in the background (L) The newly painted Span 5 returned to its original bright colours The newly painted Span 5 Arch and Bridge Parapet Newly painted...

7th May 2009

These images of Southwark Bridge were taken on 7 May 2009 and show Spans 2, 3 and 4 before restoration. Contractors have already completed Span 1 and are currently working on Span 5 (north approach).